In 1989 the company "Kaltschmidt EDV Consulting" was founded by Mouta Kaltschmidt.

The main tasks of the company were:

Creation of customized management software and database applications.
Automation of measuring stations for the ammonia sensors developed by ABB Research Center in Heidelberg.
Automation of equipment in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
Sale of hardware.
Advising companies on the use of computer equipment.
In 1995 the ownership of the company was transferred to Mrs. Ute Kaltschmidt and got the name "Kaltschmidt EDV Beratung".
The main tasks of the company were:

Automation of equipment in the chemical and food industry including measurement and control technology, instrumentation, commissioning and repair.
Creation of customized software and database applications.
Sale of hardware.
1999 transformed to "KEB Industrietechnik GmbH" with Hans Mouta Kaltschmidt as managing director.